Six Unique Levels of Service

Designed to Give Our Clients Many Options

As North America's first and largest "ON-SITE" pipette calibration and repair company, Calibrate, Inc. services over 15,000 labs across the US and Canada. Each lab has a different set of documentation and servicing needs. In order to meet those needs we have developed a unique 6 Level Service system that meets even the highest standards and most stringent compliance requirements in the industry. This system is at the heart of our unparalleled Quality Assurance Program and is just one of the reasons so many labs call Calibrate, Inc. their Pipet People. The 6 Levels Service Guide provides an overview of the different levels of service we offer.

As always, we are happy to provide assistance in determining which level of service best fits your laboratory's needs. For more information about our 6 Levels, please call us Toll-free at 1-800-253-7064. We also welcome you to contact us online. The Original "ON-SITE" Pipette Calibration and Repair Service