ANSI/NCSL z540 Accreditation

Quality Just Got Better

Our ANSI/NCSL z540.3-2006 Accreditation ensures you that the probability of a false accept won't exceed 2%. This National Standard establishes the technical requirements for the calibration of measuring and test equipment through the use of a system of functional components. These components are used to manage and assure that the accuracy and reliability of the measuring and test equipment are in accordance with identified performance requirements. We are accredited to both the ANSI/NCSL z540.3-2006 and ANSI/NCSL z540-1-1994. What this means to your lab: ANSI Z540-1 [1]: Pass/Fail criteria is based upon a simple comparison to the instrument manufacturer's specified tolerance, so acceptance limits are equal to tolerance limits. (Similar to ISO 17025.) ANSI Z540.3 [2]: The probability of false acceptance (PFA) associated with any point labeled "Pass" shall not exceed 2%. (5.3 b)

By gaining accreditation to the ANSI z540.3, Calibrate, Inc. has gone a step further. We guardband your tolerances by the process uncertainty inherent in any calibration process in order to help you ensure that your instruments really are within tolerance. Talk about peace of mind!